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The Humanist Enneagram


From the Greek "ennea" which means "nine" and "gramma" which means "sign / profile", the enneagram is a model of personality which makes it possible to understand the mode of functioning of an individual. Indeed, this tool makes it possible to precisely identify the profile of an individual and his characteristics by taking into account the different facets of his personality.

It is represented in the form of a geometric figure composed of a circle and 9 points, each point corresponding to a personality profile. Some profiles are linked together by an arrow, which makes it a dynamic model since it attaches importance to the links between the 9 types. This model is based on the principle that each individual has several facets, including a dominant facet which is the one that the individual first developed during his childhood and which led him to adopt automatisms that can be detrimental to him.

Thanks to the enneagram, the individual will be able to become aware in a roundabout way, the habits and repetitive patterns that he has put in place since his childhood. This information, which takes into account the limits and strengths of the individual, will allow him to improve and evolve positively.

The enneagram is very effective for individuals wishing to initiate a process of personal development since it is above all a powerful tool for self-observation.

This tool is used by some practitioners in order to enhance the potential of their clients and lead them towards a positive development of themselves and a better knowledge of their way of functioning.




Widely used in the business world where it is used to prevent psycho-social risks, to better manage a team and to improve productivity.

Powerful team-building tools, it will allow better understanding of others, better communication and thus more easily meet the needs of everyone in the company.



Very useful in life,  In addition to helping us in our relationship to ourselves, the Enneagram also gives us a boost in our relationships with others, whether it is our close entourage, our colleagues, or any other person.

It gives us the tools we need to understand those around us. This allows for better dialogue and understanding and less judgment and anger.







* * * * *

The Enneagram is an ideal tool for Students who are in search of themselves, and their professional path !

It is first and foremost a tool that allows you to get to know yourself better.

The Enneagram highlights our strengths and weaknesses, as well as how we operate. This is often based on unconscious motivations.

By updating them, the Enneagram therefore allows us to better understand some of our reactions, which can help us anticipate or adapt them.

In this sense, the Enneagram is also a powerful tool for personal development.
Indeed, it is by knowing ourselves better that we can improve ourselves.
Among other things, it allows us to change the reactions we want to change to avoid behaviors that we would regret afterwards, sometimes without really understanding why we react in this way.

Furthermore, this model teaches us that our way of functioning is not innate, which can be seen as a real relief for some.

All facets of the personality are found within us.
We have enormous potential within us and unsuspected resources that the Enneagram brings to the surface.

...And that's not all !

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